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About Us

Royal Council exists to create amazing work environments and systems that uplift teams, individuals, and families. By helping our clients create the best work environments possible, they will be able to hit their goals, achieve their vision, and operate in a way that each person who interacts with them will have the opportunity to be impacted for good.


Our Story

Our name, Royal Council, is rooted in two of our core beliefs:

King counseling with his advisors

If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.


  1. Each and every human on this planet is descended from divine royalty. We are children of God—The King of the Universe. As royalty, we each have tremendous potential and responsibility to have a positive impact on each other.

  2. Councils help us achieve our potential. As the old proverb says, “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.” We become our best when we tap into the wisdom and strength of others.

With these beliefs in mind, we envision a world where we work together with you to battle the evil dragons that are endangering the peace and prosperity of your kingdom. We work as your council to provide coaching, tools, and best-practices to run your kingdom and deploy successful campaigns. We utilize the experience we’ve gained on the battlefield through hard-fought victories and defeats, and we draw from the insights of our own extensive virtual council of wise wizards, like Jim Collins, Stephen Covey, Liz Wiseman, Gino Wickman, Donald Miller, Dave Ramsey, Jordan Peterson, Mike Michalowicz, Ken Coleman, Ken Blanchard, Carol Dweck, Napoleon Hill, Joseph Grenny, Kim Scott, and most importantly, Jesus Christ.  


In our previous roles, the team members of Royal Council have suffered the frustrations of poorly-led campaigns, but we have also experienced the energizing synergy of a team with clear vision, sound strategy, unified tactics, and proper role alignment for each member. That’s why we started Royal Council—to help other organizations find a better path in their journeys. Whether you’re doing battle as a team of 5 or 500, we want to help you win through increased clarity and alignment.


We are headquartered in Utah, and we love to work with our clients in person, but we are open to travel and virtual collaboration as well. We have helped clients from Hawaii to Massachusetts, and we are continually expanding our council of coaches across the nation.

Photograph of founder Jason Kocherhans

Our Founder

Our founder, Jason Kocherhans, is a certified Master Coach who has been coaching and mentoring since 2011. As a coach, he has helped hundreds of individuals and companies clarify their vision and accomplish their goals. With years of experience working in both large and small companies as well as leading his own entrepreneurial ventures, Jason has seen what does and doesn’t work. He constantly seeks for truth and best practices that can be incorporated into the methodologies that are taught and lived by his team.

Our Values

The battlefield of business can get noisy and intense, so we check ourselves against three core values when working through difficulties.


We trust God over ourselves

Although we constantly search for the best wisdom mankind can offer, God is the ultimate source of truth and light, and we seek to follow Him and do His will above all else.


We choose outcomes over output

Efforts and intentions matter, but we are accountable for results and are not truly successful until we achieve desired outcomes.


We seek the balance between competing virtues

When two seemingly good ideas are in opposition to each other, we strive to find the truth in each one and then determine how to best apply them to the situation, such as action vs analysis, justice vs mercy, chaos vs order, risk vs caution, and individual vs group.

Royal Council crest

We believe that everybody has something unique to contribute to the world, and a well-run business can be a vehicle for helping people achieve their dreams. We love to work with entrepreneurs, owners, and leadership teams that are striving for a noble dream.

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