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Replace Chaos With Clarity

Chaos in your business prevents you from achieving your vision for growth and impact. Royal Council Coaching helps you realize your vision by implementing a system of principles, practices, and tools that creates clarity and alignment.

Kill Chaos in 3 Steps



Book Your Free Session

Meet with us to discuss your needs and experience a complimentary coaching session focused on a relevant, impactful principle.


Discover Needs and Solutions

We'll deep dive into your challenges and goals so we can craft a customized proposal for your success.


Prepare for Success

Identify your desired timing, cadence, and intensity for implementation so we can get all relevant team members scheduled and prepared.

Achieve Your Vision


Chaos wreaks havoc and often results in a lack of growth, poor profitability, frustrating meetings, missed goals, and problems that don’t go away. Chaos can have many root causes but typically arises from some kind of disagreement on the company’s destination, purpose, or methodology. Dealing with chaos requires you to spend so much time working IN the business that you don’t have the time or tools to work ON the business. Royal Council Coaching helps you implement systems, tools, and practices that will reduce the chaos and replace it with clarity and alignment.



The systems are built on tested principles that have transformed thousands and have become well-known through books like Good to Great, Traction (EOS), Story Brand, Profit First, E-Myth, Five Love Languages, Leadership and Self Deception, Multipliers, and even the Bible. The Royal Council team has studied these principles and has seen tremendous success implementing them in many businesses.

The Royal Council Proven Process

Like a good doctor, we diagnose before we prescribe. We examine areas of vision, culture, marketing, operational processes, goal setting, relationship practices, and more. We work with you to discover the root causes of your biggest pains, then we draw from a wealth of proven principles and practices to create a customized proposal. Depending on your needs and desires, we’ll provide the level of support that you need to succeed. Each implementation is unique, but a typical example could look like the diagram below, incorporating each element as needed.

Design Process 11.png


When your business is running on the right systems, you’ll be able to clarify vision, create order, and prioritize execution, so you can feel at peace knowing you are working on the right things to grow, achieve your goals, and make your desired impact on the world.


Customized Price
Because each engagement is customized to meet a client’s unique needs, the price will vary. We start with a free assessment and coaching session so you can “try before you buy.” Then we’ll create a custom proposal for you.

Most Popular Package
Our most requested service is a three-month implementation with three full days on site and virtual support in between for $6500 per month.

Rev-Share Option
Some clients may qualify for our revenue-share model where your up-front costs are lower, and we share in the success you realize from working together.


Our Guarantee

Our Chaos Killer Guarantee: Some coaches have a bad reputation because they get paid for delivering a program rather than results. We are committed to your success, so we guarantee if your coaching engagement does not meet our mutually agreed objectives, we will work with you to remedy the situation or provide a refund.

Our Clients Say

"With Royal Council's help, we were able to clearly define what we were doing well, what wasn't working, and where to focus our energies and resources. Everyone felt we had a clear direction and goals to meet. We were able to hire, fire, and make structural changes at a critical time in our company."

Geoff Tice, Owner

Other Services

Are you looking for other coaching services? We are continually building our council of coaches who have expertise in a variety of professional and personal areas. Contact us to find a coach or apply to join our council. 

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